“Saying goodbye cuts out a little piece of your soul”

  This beautiful mamma had three sons who all chose to go to University overseas. Now that’s got to be tough? The final year with each boy was unique. They were each so ready to leave home and go start their owns lives. Most of the time I knew it was not about leaving me….or rather not in a personal “I hate you can’t wait … Continue reading “Saying goodbye cuts out a little piece of your soul”

’empty nest’ without a syndrome?

A common term presides to describe our feelings when our child leaves home. ย The go toย  phrase ’empty nest syndrome’ falls readily from the sympathetic, knowing nod. It makes sense,ย  but does it fit for all? A social descriptor, rather than a clinical diagnosis, ’empty nest syndrome’ is commonly associated with feelings of sadness, loneliness or emotional stress at finding oneself childless in the home, … Continue reading ’empty nest’ without a syndrome?