Kitchen must haves

To get things underway …

For some of us, all we need in the kitchen are a cheese knife and some pain killers.  When your kid moves out, their needs are substantially greater.

There’s no getting away from kitchen needs. You can drive around and shop around, pack and unpack. Or you can buy it all online and have it delivered!  Marvellous.

In order of necessity….



They need a decent trio of cutting knives, to cover all needs. Plus a bread knife. There’s no point going too cheap, (or too many) with knives, but similarly a handcrafted Latvian beauty like the one magnetised to my kitchen wall is a bit overkill when starting out. Especially in a shared house.

Try the Baccarat Cuisine Pro Starter Knife Set 3 Piece and the 

Wiltshire 41325 Knives Classic Kitchen Knife, Black and Silver

Of course, if you have a budding chef who actually loves cooking, upgrade and make it a parting gift. Some people do love their kitchen knives …

Cangshan R Series 62458 German Steel Forged 3-Piece Starter Knife Set with Ashwood Sheaths

Don’t forget a simple chopping board.  BOV800CB Cutting Board, Bamboo

The Pan set

You know, they could well have these for years and years. Something like the Pyrolux Ignite 3pc Cookware Set  could well follow your kid right through to their first ‘proper’ home, and beyond. I have yet to meet a student who needs more than three pans.  This one’s smart too

Wok!  My nephew won’t go a day without his. My daughter would never use it. Depends on your kid, but stir-fry seems de rigour so maybe a good parting gift.


Rice cooker. Yes, it is under essentials. The only people who mock the rice cooker are people who haven’t tried one. When my daughter called and said the rice was stuck to the pan, she didn’t know how to boil rice, i was racked with guilt. She grew up with a rice cooker. I ordered her one immediately and she’ll never have gluggy rice, burnt pan or scummy hob again.

Sunbeam Rice Perfect 7 Deluxe Jar, Stainless Steel. This one cooks great but there is no separate lid, so if you want to throw the pan into the fridge, it needs a plate or something on top. No biggy.

Kambrook KRC405BSS Rice Master 5 Cup Rice Cooker. This is the one I bought my kid and she’s going gang busters with risotto and the works.


Strainers serve as colanders and are more versatile: Mesh Strainer Colander Sieve for Tea, Food, Rice, Flour, Vegetable 

(I mean, you can get the full ‘kitchen starter kit’, like this, but at this stage? Hmm, not convinced. Maybe if you’re setting up a house for a bunch of kids?)


If you can’t bear the shlep to Ikea, get your simple, inexpensive set on line, delivered. Phew.

Nice to have 

Food processor. It sounds like a luxury item, but it makes everything quick and easy. Vegetables chopped in a nano second means vegetables get eaten. And with a blender attachment, smoothies are back on the menu for breakfast, lunch, and possibly dinner.

Philips Food Processor 750W White HR7761/00 – comes in black too which looks good. (Yes, a 750w will do the job. We have a 1000w at home base and it nearly takes off if run at capacity.)I

Having said that, if you can run to a bit more, this 1000w model is supposed to be very good (I’ve not tried it) BFP580SIL The Kitchen Wizz 8 Plus Food Processor, Silver

(My kid went white seeing all the attachments, I said, “Ignore all but the blades and the grater,  you won’t look back. She is better than me and has had fun trying them all with her new flatties.)





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