Share a story

Kid leaving home for Uni, or college, or just to get independent?  Too early, about time, about right?

It can be a hairy time, a joyful time, a highly reflective time.  It can be profoundly sad, or beautiful or anything in-between. It may bring on feelings of relief, or regret, or guilt, or unrelenting joy … or sadness. Or a mixture of everything.

How was it for you? Get it all out!

Share your story here  (it’s anonymous), and we’ll share it on these pages, for others going through it (or about to…).

Or write!  Pen and paper is still the best way for many.

We know that storytelling can be a massive group celebration, or a really therapeutic journey, for both teller and listener. Sharing wisdom and insights  can help move people along from a stuck place, or reinforce their joy of all things good!

How did you feel when your kid left home? What tips have you got for others, building up to the event?

Thanks for sharing.


PS If you are the kid who left home to go to University (or just to start life independently after school), you can share some of your experience here. It’s fully anonymous.)