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Are you thrown off course, or totally elated now your kid’s leaving home?  Are you primed for a new life of adventure, or are you fearing loneliness, maybe becoming swamped with uncertainty for the future?  Any reaction is completely normal and you are not alone

You can share your story here

Storytelling can be a great therapeutic journey, for teller and listener. Sharing insights can help move people along from a stuck place, or reinforce the joy of all things good!

Need some support?

Often the challenging thing about kids leaving the nest is not their departure as such (it was always going to happen after all), but the fact it coincides with other life changes.

Miserable in your career and needing a new one?  Unfulfilled dreams or potential? Worrying about ageing? Or separation (maybe the departure of your life partner after decades of joint parenting, family holidays and daily grind)?

Or just now having time to think about life, after the fast pace of family or career for so long, and wondering, what next? (Existential crisis anyone?)

The Garden Counselling is coming soon, offering online counselling for women (via Skype).   Email to arrange an initial complementary chat – to see if it’s the support you need.

You’ll need Skype or Facetime on your desktop or phone – call from wherever it suits you.

PS If you are the kid who left home to go to University (or just to start life independently after school), you can share some of your experience here. It’s fully anonymous.)