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Getting your kid out the door into independence is our goal as parents, so when it happens, it’s very cool.  One may feel very successful, and proud, and excited for what is to come. Watching our kids figure it out and get on with it is kind of awe-inspiring as we inevitably reflect on the previous 18-odd years of raising them  At least it is for some.  For others, the experience can be daunting, scary, confronting.  And for others, it’s just a big jumbly mix of thoughts and feelings wrapped up in a big jumbly mix of thoughts and feelings.   Whatever your experience, your kid leaving is an evolutionary milestone. Pure joy and acceptance or resistant angst and heartache, it happens, and where something happens, there are stories to share. This site is somewhere to throw out reflections and thoughts as they pertain to raising kids – getting them to the stage they leave –  and considering what happens next. 

About me … Privileged parent of three amazing teens (one gone a year, one soon to go, and one for the box to be locked and kept forever), qualified counsellor, and long time corporate communicator.    This site is a fun times side hustle, so forgive periods of absence when life gets in the way.  Please get involved and share your thoughts too, that would make for a richer offfering.   xx

Other things to know about this site

  1. Sometimes links in posts might be affiliated marketing links (just Amazon and eBay, Redbubble and Zazzle), which means if you click through and make a purchase, I get a small commission for sending you that way.  Content isn’t geared around this however, so all posts come from an authentic place.  I like Redbubble and Zazzle and other sites of that ilk because they support independent designers, and enable people to create  unique and thoughtful products and gifts (which has got to be better than buying off the shelf right?).  Naturally, recycling, upcycling and charity shops are always preferred option 🙂   
  2. The surveys don’t capture any personal identifying information, they are run with an anonymous setting. There is no value for us in having your personal data, just your stories to share 🙂

Any concerns or queries, give us a shout!