About My Kid Left Home


As you might imagine, My Kid Left Home was inspired by living through it… There was much to consider when our kid opted to move to the other side of the country for University, adventure and independence.  She has travel is her blood, so it was always on the cards, but wherever they go – be it next suburb or next country – the change is inevitably big for everyone.  Talking with friends, family, and researching for this site (including through our own survey), the spectrum of feelings is broad. Unrelenting sorrow is not uncommon, elation or relief also up there, with a comforting mid-zone of pride, sadness and acceptance.  It is the way of things, after all.

Whatever your experience, kids leaving home tends to hit at a time in life when the realities of ageing are also hitting, and I’ll warrant all worlds colliding can impact how we experience the whole thing. So this site explores that too. 

Thanks for reading and sharing. Life is moving into an exciting new chapter when they leave, so whether you’re celebrating or grieving, looking forward to your next decades or dreading them, it’s time to face the music and move forward.   Good luck! xx 

About your host

I’m a parent of three. The one who left, the one who will soon leave, and the one who I will put in a box and keep forever.  While I really owe everything to the great privilege and opportunity that is parenting, I’m also a qualified counsellor with a long career in corporate comms and journalism (the latter mainly while at home with my babies). I consult to businesses who need help with branding and all that stuff, and I have fun with this site as much as I can.  I hope you like it.   xx

Other things to know about this site

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  2. We don’t capture any personal identifying information through the survey, which is run with an anonymous setting. There is no value for us in having your personal data, just your stories to share 🙂

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