“Learn to detach with love … and don’t fix their problems”

“I felt relieved when my step-child left.  It was just time. He was nearly 22. He moved to the next state, takes four hours in the car so it’s a good distance away. The advantage of him being a bit older was that he didn’t need loads of stuff buying, and we had plenty to give him.  But despite him being ready, and my relief, it was still really hard.

I didn’t realise I would worry so about his mental health, his emotional wellbeing. And also how it would effect his siblings  left at home.

The changes in the household were a big adjustment. His siblings really felt it.

If I  was to recommend anything to other parents though, about to go through it, I’d say two things:

Detach with love (do the 12 steps at Al-Anon to learn how to do this!)

Be supportive and loving, but don’t try to fix his problems.They have to work it out.”



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