How was it for you? Share your story

How did you feel when your kid left home for the first time?  When they headed for college,  University,  or maybe to start their first ‘big’ job?  Share here.

Assumptions are made, as terms like ’empty nest syndrome’ float to the fore. We are proud but sad. Teary but supportive.  Devastated but know we can’t let it show.  Or a hundred things in between.

Our unique, individual experiences tell us it is all more complex than that.  Just harder to articulate.  Share your story here.

Conquering the practical challenges takes centre stage,  as our emotions get hugged,  ahhh’d,  and normalised in the wings.   But what for the parent whose feelings don’t tick the right boxes?  Guilt for not feeling enough, shame for feeling too much?  Research among peers and chat forums hint at a more complex story that doesn’t fit a tidy mould and brings risk of judgement. It hence remains largely untold.

Let’s share our stories, whatever they look like!  Whatever you experienced, simple or hard, will resonate with another somewhere.

How was it for you? Share your story here


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